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In Your Career

The Philosophy
Behind Our Work

At Serenity Law, we are dedicated to creating the most mutually beneficial work environment. Our boutique law firm allows you to work remotely while developing your client base. You have the freedom to manage your time to fit around your other interests and commitments. We pride ourselves on offering a flexible, versatile, and highly productive work model that our partners benefit from.

We’re moving away from conventional, rigid, and out dated modes of working, and are embracing a digital medium, making use of innovative technology. It’s part of our mission to make our services transparent, accessible, and of course, greener.

Serenity Law
People Portal

This portal will act as a communications and outreach platform that allows our team to stay in touch. Through it, members of our firm will be able to safely, securely and professionally communicate with you, sharing important news, updates, and information. You can find your agreement contract, training, orientation program and any important announcements, targets and goals, alongside other information, through this portal.

You will also have access to various resources related to the orientation and on-boarding process, training materials, and educational content.

Let Us
Inspire and Support You

We want to help you improve your practice and focus on doing the best you can for clients. Let us take care of marketing, recruitment, payment processing, and other logistical details so you’re able to offer the best possible services to the people you represent.

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Choose Us

When you work with us, you have the opportunity to work in a flexible, productive environment, and collaborate with some of the most talented young legal professionals. Our framework allows you to take on multiple clients without having to worry about travelling, time zones, and other barriers.

Our Approach
to Work-life Balance

Thanks to our novel approach, you will be able to set your work-life boundaries and enjoy time off, flexible work hours, and other perks. Learn more about the benefits of working for Serenity Law LLP here